When you own a construction company, sometimes you will need to move large pieces of material or appliances into a home. Lifting them by hand can be quite difficult, but using a crane to move the items is easy.

When you have your own business, you are often on a tight budget, and it can be difficult to decide if you should purchase a crane or simply rent one to use when you need it. Use the guide that follows to learn a few key factors that can help you determine if you should purchase or rent a crane for your construction business.

Consider The Weight Of The Items You Need To Lift Regularly

Cranes are designed to be able to lift a specific weight. Cranes that lift massive amounts of weight are often very large in size and extremely expensive. Purchasing a crane is only a great option if you will only need to lift things that are under the maximum weight limit of the crane that you purchase.

Consider How Frequently You Will Need To Use The Crane

Renting a crane every few days can be quite a hassle. If you need to use a crane on a regular basis, investing in one may be ideal for your business. However, if you only need to lift heavy items a few times a month, renting one may be a better option.

Consider How You Will Transport The Crane

There are some heavy-equipment rental companies that will deliver the equipment to your job site so that you do not have to be responsible for transporting it. If you do not have a large trailer to pull the crane onto or a heavy-duty truck to pull the weight of a crane, consider renting a crane instead. Otherwise, you'll have to purchase a truck and trailer in addition to the crane.

Consider Storage For The Crane

If you purchase a crane, you will need to store it somewhere. To make the crane last as long as it possibly can, store it out of the elements when it's not in use. Also, choose a secure storage facility so that the crane cannot easily be stolen.

Consider Maintenance For The Crane

When you own your own crane, you will have to maintain it regularly. Maintenance costs for a crane can be costly because working on a crane requires a specific skill set. You will need to take your crane to someone who has experience, the proper tools and parts to do any repairs or maintenance that needs to be done.

If you rent a crane from a heavy-equipment rental company, they will be responsible for taking care of the maintenance for the crane. All you will need to do is rent it and return it when you are done. If anything goes wrong with it while you are using it, the rental company will have it repaired or bring you a replacement crane right away.

If you are unsure if purchasing a crane is right for your business, consider renting one from a rental company a few times. This will allow you to try a few different cranes so that you can determine which one will suit your business' needs the best. You can rent the cranes for as long as you need and will not have to deal with any of the hassles that comes with crane ownership.

Once you determine which crane you want, you can go directly to George's Crane Service, Inc., to purchase the crane you need. With a large selection and a knowledgeable staff, finding a great crane at an affordable price will be easy to do.